Summer 2014 Korea: East & West

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Summer 2014
Vol 38, No 4
Theme: Korea: East & West

Korean Fashion Art
Chunbum Bae, Sungsoon Lee, Haeyon Kim, Shinmi Park, Youngsun Yoo 
By Karen Searle
Shin-hee Chin: Valorizing the Voiceless
By Mary M. Dusenbury
The Evolution of Bojagi
Chunghie Lee, Julie Jat Taylor, Sonjie Feliciano Solomon, Eunsook Lee, Jungsook Ham, Sora Lee, Jihae Shin, Hayeon Choi
By Maria Tulokas
Cultivating Hanji in America
Melissa Jay Craig, Julie Sirek, Sara Parkel, Sammy Lee, 
By Aimee Lee
Stitches in Time: Jiseon Lee Isbara
By Prudence Roberts
Joomchi Tradition as Contemporary Art
Yoenhee Moon, Sang Jae Nam, You Bong Hee, Sanghoon Yang, Yumi Kim, Jeeun Kim, Liz Powell, Judith Bushby, Janine Visser, Della Lana, Yi-Chen Chang, Abigail Waltz-Hill, Julie Sirek, Diana Oh, Saaraliisa Ylitalo, Angela Bernard, Gisele Nimic
By Jiyoung Chung 
Ambassadors of the Asian Miracle:
Hwajin Oh and MiKyoung Lee
By Warren Seelig
Korea’s Chung Young Yang Embroidery Museum
By Lee Talbot

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